MK Frozen Llama Mouse 67g Lightweight Gaming 3389 Pixart RGB GM 8.0

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MKMK Frozen Llama Mouse
  • Pixart 3389 sensor for high performance accuracy and responsiveness
  • Lightweight 67g body (122x67x42mm)
  • Kailh GM 8.0 - Black Mamba Switches
  • RGB, adjustable underglow lighting with internal Llama LED
  • Adjustable DPI 400/800/1600/3200/6200
  • Adjustable polling rate 1000Hz/500Hz/125Hz
  • Low-friction, lightweight purple USB cable (6 feet)
  • Ergonomic right-handed grip - perfect balance of height / volume / weight
  • Great feel and balance on ALL buttons - left, right, middle, mouse 4, and mouse 5
MK's high performance mouse in your favorite colorway! The Frozen Llama mouse is equipped with a top-of-the-line Pixart 3389 sensor, lightweight body (only 67g), Kailh GM 8.0 Black Mamba Switches, extended six-foot low-friction cable, and smooth RGB underglow. The Frozen Llama mouse features adjustable DPI, polling rate, lighting modes, and a RGB Llama hidden under the honeycomb -- did you spot it? MK focused on all switches when designing the Frozen Llama mouse. The often overlooked middle, mouse 4, and mouse 5 all have great weight and feel. Available exclusively from MK!

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  • It has worked perfectly, and feels great, and tracks great. Huge upgrade from my G502 HERO.

  • Rattle in the mouse from day 1, left click started sticking on or turning off while dragging about a month into use. Looks great though. Nice and lightweight.

  • Awesome lightweight mouse.

    I have bought several of them, first one as a gift for my wife but I liked it so much I bought a couple more for other systems. I especially like the no software part with all adjustments done with local switches on the mouse itself.

    The size, shape and functions are great IMO. Looks very much like and EC 1 or 2 clone. I very nearly went with a Pulser Xlight (very similar shape, looks like glides are the same as well) as it's all black but the local switches on this mouse is ultimately what sold me on it.

    Knocked 1 star off because the 2nd one I bought did develop a rattle inside and they do 'creak' if you squeeze the sides. That and an all black version would have been really nice. I am actually planning mod attempt to achieve an all black or blackout aesthetic, so I'll be opening up anyway but it is what it is.

    I have used it daily for about 3 months as of this writing and have been very satisfied with it's performance so far but it's lack of color options and the other miner gripes gets 4/5 stars. Overall the mouse is awesome, I recommend it.

  • Honest review after a year:

    - I like the look and feel of the mouse. I am not sure what a frozen llama is but that didn't detract from the awesome colorscheme.
    - The cord, switches, and scroll wheel are all high quality and have (for the most part) held up great over a year of daily use
    - The side buttons are the best feeling and most ergonomically placed of any mouse I have ever tried.

    - There is a rattle inside the mouse that you can hear under normal operation. I'm not sure how they let this go past the assembly line and after a year it is enough to make me slightly dislike the mouse.
    - The scroll wheel has lost its clickiness. I use the scroll wheel button to ping locations in games and it has began to occasionally feel a bit awkward to push, sometimes seeming to get sideways on me and not respond normally.
    - There is only one rgb mode which is rainbow strobe mode and I honestly hate it. Can't color coordinate with the rest of my build.

    At the time, I was very excited to support MK and their first foray into mouses. I think this could have been great if they just took care of that rattle noise on the assembly line!

  • It is not terrible, but I would not recommend it for any reason other than wanting it to match other Frozen Llama products. I also hear the rattling people have mentioned in reviews, but it I didn't even notice until a YouTuber pointed it out. Nothing I do while using a mouse would make rattling noticeable.

    It is a good light weight mouse because it has all the same hardware as all the other great light weight mice in 2021 - its pretty much an exact copy of the XTRFY M4. They have the same sensor, shape, USB cable, and no software requirements. The only cosmetic differences are that the XTRFY has all around RGB, an RGB mouse wheel, and a mouse wheel button.

    There is one HUGE issue that gives me discomfort with the Frozen Llama mouse: it makes my hand very sweaty. I dont have this issue with any other mice I own (Corsair Dark Core, Corsair M65, Logitech 305, Logitech 508, Model O-, and the XTRFY M4). So I think the XTRFY M4 is a better purchase between the two as it only costs $59.00 and the shell material doesn't make my hands sweat. Out of all the lightweight mice ive used XTRFY M4 is my favorite thus far.

  • Solid mouse all around. I'm not sure what the review below is going on about, as I have had this mouse since the day it was released for sale on this site and mine came with no issues, no scratches, no rattling and no complaints in the receiving state of the mouse.
    With that said, obviously every now and again when ordering any product online you can have bad luck and receive a flawed product, so I wont say their lying, but I will say mine did not come in the state his mouse came in. Mine was visually and mechanically flawless out of the box.

    At the time of receiving this mouse in the mail I was using the ducky feather and since the feather is a low profile mouse it took me a few minutes to get used to the more standard and typical mouse shape. With that said, within a few minutes of playing I couldn't tell a difference.

    The side buttons are clicky and responsive, the scroll wheel feels great and has no crunch like the below review mentioned, my scroll wheel actually feels great all around and responds great.
    Mouse feels light, a few grams heavier than the ducky feather and about 9 grams more than the finalmouse air58. I'm sure the frozen llama could shed a few grams by changing the bulky shape and a few other aspects, but the lightest mouse doesn't always correlate to the best mouse and when dealing with grams, the difference is fairly negligible.
    The below reviewer who wasn't happy with his mouse mentions the left side is so much higher than the right which makes side button users uncomfortable. I want to specify the left side is higher than the right, but only slightly and after playing a few rounds with the mouse feels comfortable. I play with both side buttons and like how easy they are to press and are in the correct position to click and not miss click.

    My only complaint with the mouse is the DPI settings. At first it was almost enough for me to put the mouse back in the box and not use it, but the issue became a non issue after slightly changing in game sensitivity settings. I usually don't like playing with my in-game sensitivity settings, but in this case I did and it took care of the issue.
    My issue with the frozen llama DPI settings are they are completely off, or at least with my specific mouse. The actual dpi feels to be much lower than what the mouse claims. I had to resort to setting the mouse dpi to 3200 which is ridiculously high. 3200 on the frozen llama is slower than the 1600 on the ducky feather which is a HUGE miscalculation on the frozen llama's end. The DPI setting on the frozen mouse of 3200 dpi feels more like 900-1200 dpi on other mice.
    In the end this problem goes away when you play with in game sensitivity settings or the mouse sensitivity settings on your pc. It was my biggest complaint and without this issue I wouldn't have any other worthwhile complaints.
    I would have liked the mouse to be a little more low profile, but that may be due to the fact I got use to using the ducky feather which is a drastically lower profile mouse. With that said the frozen llama mouse is comfortable and really easy to control, in fact my accuracy seemed to improve within a day or two of using this mouse.

    As another reviewer stated, don't forget to remove the tape on the gliders, they are hard to see, but the tape is on the gliders.

    LEDs on the frozen llama are ok, nothing special. The light comes from a little strip on the bottom/back end of the mouse and a llama shaped logo inside the mouse. It does it's job for the people who like LED and colorful displays. They could be brighter and have more options, but it has an easy on/off switch on the underside of the mouse which is easy to use. It would have been nice to have a led strip on the scroll wheel or a way to change the color schemes/patterns. It may have added extra weight, but the ducky feather has both of those features and its lighter and only uses a tiny section of honeycomb material, with the rest of the ducky feather being solid. Sorry for comparing the frozen mouse to the ducky, but I have experience with both and sells both, therefore an easy comparable mouse.

    The purple cord goes well with the frozen llamas color scheme and the cord is high quality, super flexible, light and well made.

    The buttons click well and react seamlessly, no complaints from the Kailh GM 8.0 - Black Mamba Switches that the frozen llama uses.

    Overall for $49 you cant go wrong, I would have been willing to pay more if they made the mouse a little lower in profile which would have lowered the weight as well. With that said, the mouse is very light, buttons are responsive and clicky, colors are appealing and overall it looks and feels good.
    The only thing I recommend Frozen LLama to fix is the DPI settings not being accurate. This problem becomes a non issues by changing in game settings to make the mouse feel whatever your desired sensitivity is.

    Once again, the mouse is very inexpensive and definitely worth $49 dollars.

  • This mouse is great! I don't know what the person in the other review is saying but this mouse is great! At first, I thought the glides on the bottom were bad but it turns out they put tape on them, so after I took it off it was amazing. I didn't have any scratches on mine and the left and right buttons work just right. The mouse is light and feels great in my hand. But I do agree with the other person that says there is rattling in the mouse, it hasn't affected anything but I do hear it.

  • I bought this as soon as it dropped, and it's a HUGE disappointment.

    First one, straight out of the box with defects. There was a small scratch on the side back button, rattling inside the mouse like a loose BB is inside it, and a crunchy scroll wheel I got my replacement today and sent the other one back. Opened the brand new one to find THE SAME EXACT ISSUES. Even the same exact scratch but this one deeper than the last one. So that's two Brand new Out of the box with the same exact issues, crunchy wheel, rattle, PLUS MORE!!

    This one has a mis-click on the left, and it seems the right click doesn't always actuate when it clicks either and the middle of this one has some sort of black smudge that I cannot get off.

    This part is purely subjective, but the shape of this mouse is just weird the left side is so much higher then the right, so you have a weird slanted grip. If you're using the side buttons while gaming it's especially uncomfortable.

    I believe they either rushed this mouse out to land with the last batch of frozen llamas, or they just slapped a frozen llama shell on an extremely cheap mouse. Either way, this was not a good buy considering I had to send the first one back and BUY the replacement without getting the refund first. (I Ask them if they could please send a replacement, I was told "We still have some in stock and you can purchase another at any time") that's usually not how RMA works but ok

    I'm not even gonna send it back this time cause I bet the entire Batch 1 is faulty. I'm waiting for a refund on the first one I sent back
    two in a row isn't a coincidence, it's just bad manufacturing. I do not recommend this mouse. I'm only giving it 2 stars because it looks nice.

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