Vortex Multix 87 Dolch TKL Hotswap Mechanical Keyboard

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Vortex Multix 87 Dolch Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Gateron G Pro 2.0 Brown thumbnailGateron G Pro 2.0 Brown
Gateron G Pro 2.0 Yellow thumbnailGateron G Pro 2.0 Yellow
Gateron G Pro 2.0 Silver thumbnailGateron G Pro 2.0 Silver
Gateron G Pro 2.0 White thumbnailGateron G Pro 2.0 White
Cherry MX Silent Red thumbnailCherry MX Silent Red


  • US ANSI TKL layout
  • Gateron hotswap sockets accept 3-pin and 5-pin switches
  • PCB screw-in stabilizers
  • South-facing switches
  • Cherry profile Double Shot PBT keycaps
  • Silicone sound dampening pad

Details and Specifications

ModelMultix 87
Switch StemsMX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorBlack
Frame Top MaterialPlastic
Frame Bottom MaterialPlastic
Primary LED Colorn/a
Control LED Colorn/a
Hotswap SocketsYes
USB Key RolloverFull
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleYes
Linux CompatibleYes
Cord Length60 inches

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  • The Vortex Multix 87 is an all-around very solid keyboard. It's heavy, with a lot of dampening layers tightly fastened together, so any kind of soundboard effect is minimal. The keycaps feel good and the double-shot labeling is reasonably crisp. If you want good performance and a look that's not flashy, more of an "elegant" sort of thing, this might be what your ticket.

    I ended up with this keyboard because I was looking for a (quality) hotswappable TKL without lights for a secondary workstation location (my original has a Ducky One 3 RGB TKL). The Vortex Multix was one of the few in stock at the time; I decided to give it a shot and I'm glad that I did. I didn't use the Gateron Browns that came with the keyboard--replaced them immediately with TTC Bluish Whites, which I'd been wanting to try out. Combining the dampening features of these switches with those of the Multix makes for a very pleasing, "thunk"-like sound (at least to me). Even though I've also since switched my One 3 over to the TTC Blueish Whites, it's been hard to compare it to the Multix because I don't have the keyboards side-by-side. Maybe I prefer the sound of the Multix? It's very hard to say.

    The Dolch color scheme is nice--the main housing seems to be some sort of close-to-black maybe-slightly-brown that is vaguely reminiscent of some vintage keyboards, especially when combined with the main color of the keycaps. Of course, the Multix has far better-quality plastics than that old stuff, the lines are well-refined, and the color of the labels is especially pleasing. I've been using the extra included contrasting aqua-ish keys, which seem to fit in just fine. If this is indicative of the work that Vortex put into their other color schemes, I'm sure those are really good, too.

    As far as gripes go, I don't have anything that can be taken seriously. As others have noted, the included cable doesn't quite fit tightly into the housing, but you can fix that with a shim wrapping if you really want to. The included alternate keycaps are somewhat skimpy on options. There are two alternatives to the ever-despicable "Caps Lock" key, but unfortunately, one is an even more despicable deeply-stepped "Caps Lock" (for which you need to move the keyswitch to a different position), and the other is is a slightly-stepped "Fn" key. I'd prefer a non-stepped Control, blank, or some kind of generic marking. But at least the Super key is marked "Code" rather than some MS-themed iconography.

  • This is a lovely keyboard with an appealing colour scheme. The keycaps are solid and easy to read despite being light on dark, which for some keycaps gives me trouble. I bought it with Gateron G Pro 2.0 Yellow switches, and they were nice, with a great feel and sound, but I wanted to go a bit lighter so we got a fairly comparable and feel but a lighter actuation with Kailh Midnight Pro Silent Linears. (They're noisier than my lubed Gateron Silent Reds, but they are there to replace Yellows, not Silent Reds.)

    So far, these Vortex Multix keyboards are taking over in my house. My wife and one of my kids each use one, and a friend fell in love with them too and has one now as a birthday gift. The build quality is consistently good and they're heavy and feel like quality. They're a bit tough to tear down if you need to get to the PCB but once you realize the outer case is clamping itself on with pressure, it's not at all bad to do. (The o-rings isolating the trop and bottom are wily and try to get away, but they're a pretty standard size and can be replaced.) I recommend lubing the spacebar stabs which come from the factory with a bit of rattle, but that done, at least from my relative novice perspective, the keyboard sounds and feels great.

    I've tried a couple fancier prebuilts so far, but I always end up with the Vortex back on my desk before long.

    They're not without a couple issues - the feet for the lower of the two adjustable angles aren't as solid as they could be, and one popped off on me randomly. Also, if you raise the board, note that the supplied cable is a bit too thin to be held in the grooves that let you route it left, right, or back, but luckily I find that the height and angle without the risers is perfect for me, so this ends up not being an issue as it's flat on my desk, and the cable can't help but stay in place.

  • Probably the best keyboard you can get at this price range if you don't care about lights. Had it for half a year now and it's still perfect. I got mine with Gateron Browns and they are really nice to type on. No scratchiness at all and even the spacebar sounds nice. Hot-swappable too, if you ever decide to delve deeper into the hobby.

  • This is a great keyboard especially for the price. It's heavy and solid with great stabilizers. Keycaps are solid with sharp printing. The USB cable has stress relief moldings in the case. The flip-out feet have 2 heights. It comes with keycap and switch removal tools, and a few spare keycaps. I removed the switches and installed Clickiez, which fit perfectly. Buckling springs have always been my favorite switches, but these Clickiez are even better and this keyboard is a great "host" to DIY with whatever cherry-compatible switches you want. I love the hot-swappable feature since it makes this a "forever" keyboard, easy to replace any individual switch that fails or try new ones just for fun.

  • Absolutely amazing mechanical keyboard.

    It feels like modded and sounds wonderful. I got Gateron brown tactile switches and love it from the day 1 .
    I have been looking for a entry level keyboard but this goes beyond my expectations. The brand is kind of new but this keyboard comes with a silicon pad and PBT keycaps feel awesome as well as stabilizers on backspace, enter and space bar.

    Definetely recommend it worth every penny.

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