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New Leopold MX2A

Wired & Bluetooth
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Topre Realforce

Now available in wired and wireless
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ProjectD Outlaw

Ducky Year of the Dragon

Limited to 999 units globally
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Boog 75

Meletrix newest hall effect keyboard

Featuring Gateron KS-37B
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Triple Shot PBT keycaps

Nazca One 3 Pro

Quack Mechanics and 8,000 Hz polling rate
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Cute and fun

C68 Cat Silicone

Bright colors and fun themes
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MK Plate Forks

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MK Plate Forks 3 Pack

MK Plate Forks 3 Pack

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MK Modular Lube Station Kit Complete Set

MK Modular Lube Station Kit Complete Set

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Keychron barebones Keychron keyboard

Know the Difference

The search for your favorite mechanical switch starts with understanding the 3 basic types.


Clicky switches provide the most tactility and make an audible 'click' when typing. Clicky switches are typically preferred by typists, but are noticeably louder than other mechanical switches. Use with caution near noise sensitive co-workers
or spouses :)



Popular with gamers and quiet typists, linear switches have no bump before bottoming out. They travel smoothly and increase in resistance as you reach the end of the key press. Because they have no bump, these are often some of the quietest switches.



About halfway between linear and clicky switches, tactile switches have a (sometimes subtle) bump you can feel in the key press before bottoming out. While this bump traditionally represented the actuation point, recent switches have actuation points and tactile bumps all along the travel distance.