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Matias Quiet Click

  • Clicky + Tactile
  • 55cN force
  • ALPS stem
  • Matias
About as loud as a membrane switch, the Matias Quiet Click Switch is a quiet, ALPS style, tactile switch using Matias' patented technology.

User Reviews

April 27, 2018
  • Typing 9
Wonderfully tactile while still being quiet. Prefer it over cherry MX clear for quiet typing as it's more tactile. In fact, I even prefer it over cherry MX blues -- you can feel the keystrokes better even if you can't hear them as well.
March 05, 2018
  • Gaming 7
  • Typing 10
  • Balance 8
exceptionally quiet as it's no louder than a regular rubber dome keyboard and satisfyingly tactile at the same time. not the best for gaming but terrific for typing
January 10, 2018
  • Typing 8
  • Balance 3
I got these in Matias' own Quiet Pro for Mac. The keys feel great, but I've now had THREE RMA'd keyboards in 12 months. They're simply not durable enough for daily use.
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