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TTC Bluish White

  • Tactile
  • 42G force
  • MX stem
  • TTC
  • 2.00mm pre travel
  • 3.50mm travel

User Reviews

August 03, 2023
  • Gaming 9
  • Typing 10
  • Balance 9
Outstanding switch. Pretty quiet, but the noise it does make is very pleasant. Super distinct bump combined with lower than average actuation force makes for a typing experience I would describe as "precise".
October 27, 2022
  • Gaming 9
  • Typing 7
  • Balance 8
My favorite switches so far: Soft enough to be fast yet the hard top makes them easy to rest your finger on without activating. As soon as you push even a little, the tactile bump let go and you bottom out instantly. If you don't like bottoming out these ain't for you, but otherwise those are pretty much unique, only thing similar are Kaihl Speed and those have the actuation before the bump which
March 15, 2022
  • Gaming 9
  • Typing 10
  • Balance 10
Best tactile switches I have used. If you are looking for good switches for typing, this one is for you. With a little bit of lube, it is also great and smooth for gaming as well.
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TTC Bluish White thumb