Frequently Asked Questions

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Checking out, order status, and pre-order policies

Where can I shop in person?

We have 2 different showrooms ready to welcome customers. Please keep in mind that holidays may change our hours.

Fairview, TN
7107 Juniper Rd
Fairview, TN 37062

Open Hours:
Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Chandler, AZ
MK Tech Center
7300 W Boston St
Suite 200
Chandler, AZ 85226

Open Hours:
Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

We also have a pick-up service available at each of our showrooms. Simply place your order online and select "pick-up" as the delivery method, verifying that you are picking up from the correct store. Make your way to the store, pick up your items, and be on your way!


Do you have any coupons or discount codes?

MK sometimes offers coupons and discounts, generally through our social media pages. You can apply a coupon to your order in the "Use Coupon Code" section of the View Cart page.

Please be sure to add coupons at the time of purchase. We are unable to retroactively apply coupons that were missed, entered incorrectly, or forgotten. We can, however, sometimes make an exception if you notify us with your order number and coupon code during the promotional period. Any requests made after the promotion has ended will not be honored.

Sorry, we are unable to retroactively apply coupons to pre-orders or group buys.


How can I add signature confirmation to my order?

Signature confirmation requires the carrier (FedEx, USPS, etc.) to collect a signature from someone within the 'Ship To' address in order to complete delivery.

Good For:

  • Customers wanting to avoid their shipment being left at their door when no one is home.
  • High value shipments.
  • Anyone who has ever had a shipment 'Confirmed Delivered' to their address, but did not actually receive the shipment - for any reason.
  • If any of the above applies to you, we highly recommend purchasing signature confirmation for your shipment.

Do Note:

  • You must be home to collect the shipment.
  • Carriers will only make three delivery attempts before sending the package to your local hub OR returning it to sender (Mechanical Keyboards).
  • This feature is not available for international orders.
  • If you would like the carrier to hold the package for you, you will need to call them and request the hold (have your tracking # handy).
  • FedEx: 1-800-463-3339
  • USPS: 1-800-275-8777
  • UPS: 1-800-742-5877

Why doesn't Mechanical Keyboards automatically include signature confirmation on shipments?

  • Convenience: Many customers are at work or elsewhere during normal delivery hours. Requiring a signature on all shipments would prevent these customers from ever receiving their order.
  • Speed: Most people prefer this industry standard default method as, barring rare instances of theft or misdelivery, it ensures they receive their package as soon as possible.
  • Cost: Rather than increasing all shipping charges, we provide signature confirmation as an optional, low-cost service.

What is a pre-order item?

Mechanical Keyboards Inc will sometimes offer the ability to order items before they arrive in our warehouse. These are called pre-order items. The restock date shown on the product listing is the date we expect the inventory to arrive at our store for shipping.

Please note the following before placing your pre-order:

  • Pre-orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All pre-orders are charged immediately when ordered.
  • We offer our absolute best guess as to the restock date of new inventory, but sometimes models can get held up in production, quality control, border customs, or any other number of situations. Estimated dates are subject to change.
  • If you move to a new address, it is your responsibility to notify MK in advance of shipment. We are unable to cancel or change shipping details for an order that has already shipped.
  • If your order contains a mix of in-stock and pre-order items, this can cause delays in shipping, as the order ships out once ALL items are shown in stock in the system. If you have placed an order with mixed-date items and would like to receive the in-stock items sooner, please submit a ticket and we will see whether a manual partial shipment is possible for your particular order.
  • You can cancel your pre-order at any time without penalty before we receive the item in our warehouse .

In cases of very popular products, a pushed back ETA may indicate the estimated time for the following shipment and not the current shipment. In such a case, orders placed before the original ETA will still ship around the original ETA. To get details about when to expect your order to be fulfilled, please reach out to our customer service department here.


How can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel a pending order, please submit a support ticket here.

Mechanical Keyboards is able to accommodate cancellation requests with no fees or penalties up to the point of label creation. Once a shipping label has been created, we will be unable to cancel your order.

Please place your order carefully as standard return policies will apply to shipped orders. Please see the FAQ "What are your Return Policies" for more details.


How do I check my order status?

In order to view your order status online, you must have created an account by entering a user name and password when you originally placed your order. If you did create an account, simply log in and click the Order History tab.


Can I use a prepaid card?

Absolutely! Prepaid cards from major carriers like Visa and MasterCard work just like regular credit cards. Be sure to hang on to your pre-paid card after using it in case you need a credit or refund.

Additionally, some customers like transferring their prepaid credit to PayPal which can provide additional flexibility.


My credit card was declined due to an AVS mismatch. What is this?

This means that the billing address or zip code on file with your credit card company does not match the billing information entered at checkout. If you feel this is an error, we suggest contacting the card-issuing bank using the telephone number on the back of the credit card. Have them verify the billing information on file.

Please note that we have no control over cards being accepted or declined. Canadian customers getting this error should make sure not to place a space between the 6 characters in their postal code.

If your card has been declined for any reason, the charge amount may show as a pending charge in your credit account for up to 72 hours. Although it may look like a normal charge on your online statement, it will never actually clear your account.


My order was canceled without my request. What should I do?

If your order was canceled by MK and you did not request it, it is almost always related to a billing issue triggered when we begin to manually process your order.

If you believe this was a mistake, we suggest taking the following steps:
1. Contact your credit card company to ensure the billing address on file with your credit card matches your billing address at checkout.

2. Place a new order for the same item in your original order.

3. If it was a pre-order, submit a support ticket here with your new order ID and reference the old order ID in the message explaining what happened. We may be able to move your new order to the same place in line for pre-ordered stock as your original order.


How will it ship, shipping errors, international shipments

How long does my order take to ship out?

All in-stock orders ship next business day or same business day by noon (CST). Please note that custom items are an exception to this and have a manufacturing and processing time of 3-5 business days of placing the order.

For pre-order items, please check the estimated 'Available Date' on that product's page.

Please be aware that attempting to use mismatched billing and shipping addresses will often delay your order's shipping time, as this requires additional verification steps.


I entered the wrong shipping address. Can I change it?

Information on any order shipped via Free Economy service cannot be changed once the order has shipped from our facility.

If your order has shipped via UPS, please note that creating a user account at the UPS website often allows the address owner more intercept/delivery options than we are able to access as the shipper. To sign up for UPS Choice, click here.

If there is an error on the shipping address, it is the customer's responsibility to coordinate with the carrier directly to track down and correct the shipment. This may be a single carrier or a combination of UPS and the Post Office.

If your package is ultimately "returned to sender" to MK, you will receive a standard refund on your order minus any return to sender fees after we receive and process the package.


Do you allow the use of shipping forwarders?

Yes, we can ship to a shipping forwarder as long as the order is paid with a verified PayPal account.

In the event of a package being damaged in transit, proof must be given
that the damage occurred while in transit from our facility to the
shipping forwarder's address. Should a package be damaged between the
forwarder and the destination address, we will not be held responsible.

With regard to RMA issues and manufacturer's defects, we only ship to
the original stateside shipping address used for orders when we ship out
repairs/replacements under warranty.


My shipment was confirmed delivered, but I never received it.

Occasionally a carrier will scan a package as delivered before it arrives at the final destination. When this happens, the package is usually delivered within the next few business days.

If you've waited a couple of days and you still don't have the package:

See if someone else accepted delivery. Check with household members, neighbors, building managers, the mail room, front desk, and anyone else who may have accepted the delivery.
Look around the delivery location. Carriers sometimes leave packages in a safe, hidden place like on a side porch, in/around your garage, or behind bushes.
Look for a notice of attempted delivery. You may find an attempted delivery notice in your mailbox or P.O. Box or on your door. Follow the instructions on that notice to request redelivery or pick up the package.
Contact the Carrier. Ask if they have additional information about the package's location. (Have your tracking or delivery confirmation number handy.) We also recommend contacting your local carriers hub.

To file a trace report, or to report a lost package, see the links below.

UPS Customer Service Link
FedEx Customer Service Link
USPS Customer Service Link
DHL Customer Service Link

Numbers used to file a trace request:
FedEx: 1-800-463-3339
USPS: 1-800-275-8777
UPS: 1-800-742-5877

In case of theft, you may consider calling your local police office.

Any claim of non-delivery must be reported to us within ten days of the carrier's confirmation update marking it "Delivered." After that, the carriers will not complete an investigation and we are not responsible for the whereabouts of your package.


What happens if my order is returned to sender?

Tracking information is provided via email with every order we ship. If delivery of your shipment has been attempted or if your shipment is being held at your carrier's local office, it will be shown under your tracking information. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure the collection of any held or max-attempted shipment.

Whether the shipment is intentionally refused or the shipping carrier reached their 'Delivery Attempt Maximum' or 'Hold Time Maximum', if your package is returned to Mechanical Keyboards by the shipping carrier, your order will be restocked and refunded less the cost of shipping as well as any RTS fees the carrier charges us. We will not ship it again for free. If you would like us to reship your order, please place a new order and be sure to double check the Ship To address provided.


Why did my order take longer to arrive than quoted?

Please remember that carriers quote their transit times in business days and that any orders placed after noon (CST) will not ship out until the following day. For example, if you place an Overnight order at 6pm on a Friday, your shipment cannot actually leave our warehouse until Monday, which means it will arrive Tuesday. Note that the same shipment, if ordered at 8am on Monday would still arrive on Tuesday. This works across the board for ALL online merchants because shipping companies like FedEx and the Post Office do not include weekends or holidays in their shipping estimates. The above shipment would not arrive until Wednesday if that Monday was a Federal Holiday such as Memorial Day.

Please take this into consideration when ordering towards the end of the week or before holidays.

International shipping is just an estimate. Once your item(s) ship from our warehouse, we have no control over the speed in which your package is delivered. Sometimes orders will arrive before the estimated number of days, sometimes orders arrive after. We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order in advance for any reason. In the event, your refunded order results in a below 0 balance due to currency exchange rates, MK is not responsible for the difference.


How will you ship my international order?

Based on the shipping method you select at checkout, your International Order may ship with any of the major International Carriers - DHL, UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

MK now offers Prepaid Duty & VAT calculations for Canada, UK & most EU Countries (DDP). This means your VAT will be charged and paid for at checkout on our website.

To see if MK ships to your country and check Duty & VAT rates, visit our Ship to list.

Other international countries are (DDU) and the order recipient will be listed as the "Broker of Record" on the shipment. MK does not collect your Country's Duties and Taxes in advance, and DDU customers are responsible for any and all customs fees, taxes, duties, processing and additional carrier fees. Fees are complex, based on the value of the shipment contents and other, sometimes random factors, that we cannot predict or calculate for you in advance. Please research or contact your local customs department for details before ordering.

  • MK will not provide false data as to the contents or value of your package to reduce your customs fees, so please do not ask.
  • Once an international order has shipped, we are unable to intercept or reroute the package.
  • In the rare event a package is rejected by the customer (whether for non-payment of fees, buyer's remorse, delivery refusal, or any other reason), the item is destroyed, not returned to us, and as such, no refund can be issued.

What countries do you ship to?

Please check our Ship To Country List for a full list of countries we ship to and their DDP/DDU status.

Due to high cancellation rates and other reasons listed below, we no longer offer custom invoices for customers in certain countries.

Reasons your country may not be on our ship-to list:

  • Shipping difficulties. This includes shipping delays, poor tracking, poor local post handling, and lost shipments.
  • High levels of fraud
  • High cancellation / refund rates
  • Unable to ship due to COVID-19

We evaluate ship-to countries on a quarterly basis and may add or remove countries from this list. If your country is not listed, we suggest using a shipping forwarder (confirmed payment addresses only).

Please note that we cannot accept orders with a billing address in a country that we do not ship to.


What are the customs fees / duties for my international shipment?

To see if MK ships to your country and to check Duty & VAT rates, check the dropdown list at checkout.

MK now offers Prepaid Duty & VAT calculations for Canada, UK & most EU Countries (DDP). This means your VAT will be charged and paid for at checkout on our website.

Other international countries are (DDU) and the order recipient will be listed as the "Broker of Record" on the shipment. MK does not collect your Country's Duties and Taxes in advance, and DDU customers are responsible for any and all customs fees, taxes, duties, processing and additional carrier fees. Fees are complex, based on the value of the shipment contents and other, sometimes random factors, that we cannot predict or calculate for you in advance. Please research or contact your local customs department for details before ordering.

Remember: all customs fees, brokerage charges, taxes, or duties are the buyer's responsibility. Mechanical Keyboards Inc is in no way responsible for any of the above fees as related to your international order.

  • MK will not provide false data as to the contents or value of your package to reduce your customs fees, so please do not ask.
  • Once an international order has shipped, we are unable to intercept or reroute the package.
  • In the rare event a package is rejected by the customer (whether for non-payment of fees, buyer's remorse, delivery refusal, or any other reason), the item is destroyed, not returned to us, and as such, no refund can be issued.

Do you offer shipping discounts?

We do offer free shipping on orders that meet certain qualifications.

- Order total is $99 or above after all sales, discounts, and coupons and before taxes are applied.

- The shipping address is in the standard continental US.


Return policy, refunds

How do I make a return?

Mechanical Keyboards, LLC accepts returns within 30 days of purchase. To determine if your order is eligible for return, please see our Return Policy here.

We accept returns at either of our physical store locations in Fairview, Tennessee or Chandler, Arizona. To ship your keyboard in for a return, please follow the steps below:

1) Fill out a copy of our Return Form, available here.

2) Package the keyboard in the original retail box. Place the retail box with the return form inside a shipping box, ensuring that it is well-cushioned (using items such as bubble wrap, packing paper, foam wrap, etc.)

3) Ship the package to our return center at the address below using the shipping carrier of your choice.

Mechanical Keyboards Inc
RMA #[your order number here]
7118 Loblolly Pine Blvd
Fairview, TN 37062

Continental U.S. customers can reach out to us here to take advantage of our shipping return service. We will provide you with a pre-paid return label at no charge upfront. $10 will be deducted from the final cost of the return.

International customers can use our shipping return service for a variable rate depending on the country. Please reach out here for more information.

There is no prior authorization or RMA number needed to return items. However, if your item is having issues, it is best to reach out to our support team before returning the item by clicking here-- some issues can be resolved by troubleshooting via email. Any customer using self-service return agrees to using the pre-paid return label service.


Can I return an item for exchange?

No, at this time, MK cannot offer exchanges. If you wish to exchange an item, please return the item you no longer want, and simply place a new order for the item you do want. We will issue a refund for your returned item as normal. This makes the process faster and simpler.


How do I return a custom item?

Since custom items are made to order per customer specifications, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. We cannot make any alterations or changes to an order that contains one of these items, including cancellations.

Manufacturing and processing time is generally within 3 - 4 business days of placing the order. Please note that the shipping time begins after the item is made and transferred to the carrier.

Custom items in this category include but are not limited to:
- custom cable
- custom cable kits
- custom desk mats
- any item that is made to certain specifications provided by the customer

In the case of the custom cables, all cables are tested before shipping out. If you do discover any issues with your cable, please contact us within the first 30 days here. Our cables are compatible with 99% of all keyboards, but if your keyboard has a high power requirement it may not function properly. The USB Mini is not compatible with some keyboards that have cable channels and smaller tolerance ports. If you are worried about compatibility issues please contact us before making an order.


Why is my International refund less than expected?

In the vast majority of cases where International refunds appear to be less (or more) than what was anticipated, it is a matter of the currency exchange rate changing. The payment for every order submitted to MK is converted to USD at the time of your transaction. All refunds issued by MK are also in USD. If your bank account uses a non-USD currency, your bank must then convert the USD refund to your local currency using the current exchange rate.

Exchange rates are driven by global market conditions that we have no control over - they can go up and they can go down. If the currency rate changes between the time you placed the order and when a refund is issued, those changes will be reflected in the refund. Sometimes the exchange rate has changed in your favor (oddly we never get support tickets when this happens) and sometimes it has changed the other direction. MK receives no benefit in either scenario. We refund the order in the exact same currency we received it in: USD.

MK is not responsible for covering the difference caused by an exchange rate decrease.

For additional information on how exchange rates may have affected your refund, please contact PayPal, your bank, or your payment method provider.


RMA, broken items

Are DIY and custom items covered under warranty?

DIY items and custom items with manufacturer's defects are ONLY eligible for a refund if they are:
1) Reported within 30 days,
2) Proven to have a manufacturer's defect (not user damage or improper use), and
3) Returned in unused condition.

Items that fall into this category can include custom cables, PCBs, LEDs, diodes, keyswitches, lubricant, and similar parts sold for keyboard repair or modding. These items do not have a warranty from the manufacturer, and we cannot be held liable for damage including, but not limited to, damage from improper use, installation, or modification.

Keyboard lubing can damage your keyboard, and will void the warranty if performed. 

Please contact our Support Team here prior to returning your item to discuss the best available options.


My item is not working right! What do I do?

We're so sorry that your purchase isn't working as expected! Just create a support ticket here and a member of our team will respond within 24 hours.

Almost every mechanical keyboard and mechanical keyboard accessory sold on comes with a Manufacturer's Warranty and is eligible for RMA processing through the manufacturer with a qualifying defect. We are the primary authorized repair center in the United States for several brands. We are happy to assist with your repair request for these brands!

Please note the following:

  • Customers unable to bring their keyboard to our store in person are responsible for shipping the keyboard to our store for repair.
  • Any item not purchased from will not be accepted
  • Warranty claims must be submitted directly by the original purchaser, and are non-transferrable.
  • Mechanical Keyboards Inc will pay for all domestic shipping charges related to shipping the repaired keyboard back to you.
  • Almost all brands have a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. If you are unsure of your brand's warranty or your time of possession, please contact us for verification before sending in your keyboard(s).
  • Make sure your keyboard is clean before sending it in for repair. Keyboards with large amounts of filth and debris not only cause a health concern for our techs, but also take a great deal of time for us to clean. Such keyboards will incur cleaning charges ranging from $10 - $40 based on severity.
  • Broken factory seals on casesphysical damage (including pulled stems), and/or spills will not be covered under our repair policy, and will be subject to a return shipping charge without repair and/or refund. Please note that we will hold these boards for 30 days before they are destroyed should we not be contacted regarding this return shipping.
  • Our technicians repair keyboards in the order in which they were received. Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for your keyboard to be repaired. In rare cases, it may take longer if we have to wait on specialized parts from the manufacturer.
  • To expedite your repair, please include a return form or a note in the box stating your order number, any and all issues with the keyboard, a good call back number, and your return address.

Please contact us with any questions prior to shipping your item to our store.

To send in your keyboard for repair, please follow the steps below:

1)  If you have not contacted us beforehand, please click here to contact our Customer Service staff.

2)  Fill out a copy of our Return Form, available here.

3)  Package the keyboard and the cable being used securely within the original box (if possible) before placing that and the return form into a shipping box. Ensure that it is well-cushioned in the shipping box (using items such as bubble wrap, packing paper, foam wrap, etc.) and tape the box up with secure packing tape that will keep all of the contents safely enclosed.
4)  Send the package to the address below using the shipping carrier of your choice or the label provided from our return service.
                        Mechanical Keyboards Inc
                        RMA #[your order number here]
                        7118 Loblolly Pine Blvd
                        Fairview, TN 37062
5)  You can email us your return tracking number and we will notate it on your order.

Once the keyboard arrives to our Repair department, it will be inspected and repaired, and we will email you a tracking number when it's on the way back to you. If your keyboard cannot be repaired (either because it is not possible, or because damage or a spill was discovered by our techs), you will instead receive an email discussing the next steps for resolution.


My keyboard is outside the warranty period. Can you repair it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer repair services for keyboards outside of the warranty period at this time.