Ducky Shine 5 RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Cherry MX)

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DuckyDucky Shine 5 Mechanical Keyboard
The Ducky Shine 5 carries the goods and the legacy from Shine 4 shape, design and the modern looks. Hairline finish texture is used on the cover to enhance and emphasis a better quality and premium feel. It uses a removable feet design; this takes into account for different users with different preferences. Unlike traditional keyboard feet, detachable feet are more stable, flexible and durable.

The Ducky Shine 5 is the first model that comes with ABS double shot backlit keycaps. ABS double shot keycaps are built by two different colors of plastic combined. The keycap surface and the character will not be worn out. The LED lights can emit the light through the keycaps like other ABS backlit keycaps. Double-shot key caps are designed and engineered in a way to give the users the best feel and experience we can and at the same time decorated with special pattern to achieve the best look and usability all at once.

Ducky uses a new technique called "2 Double-layer PCB" to improve the backlight and color choice. We put all SMD RGB LEDs on the second Double-layer PCB. Apparently, the SMD LED that we are going to use is larger than other keyboards that you can see on the shelf. This lead to the result of Cherry RGB switches able to improve the brightness with better outcome.

The Ducky Shine 5 is powered by an ARM M3 micro-controller. This powerful controller allows advanced functions as well as stunning backlighting effects.

Under USB, the Ducky Shine 5 can handle any number of simultaneous key presses. You can use the keyboard confidently in any situation knowing that there will never be ghosting or key blocking issue.

Ducky Shine 5 uses the fastest rate available under the USB interface, and updates the keyboard's status to the computer every 1 millisecond. This is to minimize the delay from when the keys are pressed and signal received by your computer.

Ducky brings adjustable repeat rate and repeat delay to USB keyboards. You can fine tune the repeat rate and repeat delay for gaming or your specific applications.
Note: USB Repeat Acceleration may work differently in different applications. Please use a suitable setting accordingly.
  • Black ABS Double-Shot Keycaps
  • Dual Double Layer PCB
  • Powered by ARM M3 MCU
  • USB N-Key Rollover (USB NKRO)
Details and Specifications
ModelShine 5
SizeFull Size
Physical LayoutUS QWERTY
Logical LayoutANSI
SwitchBlue Cherry MX
Primary LED ColorRGB
Special LED ColorRGB
Keycap MaterialABS
Keycap ColorBlack
Keycap Print MethodDouble Shot
Keycap Print PositionTop
USB Key RolloverFull
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Mac CompatibleLimited
Linux CompatibleLimited
Warranty1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
Dimensions18.11" x 6.06" x 1.33"
Weight2.86 lbs
Cord Length60 inches
Ethan Hansen on 02/06/2017 05:26pm
I've preferred mechanical keyboards for years. Dating myself, I began serious typing on noisy IBM Model M keyboards. We currently have DAS, Corsair, and Code models in use.

Ducky offers a few features to distinguish the Shine 5 from similarly priced offerings. First, the doubleshot keys are welcome, although I definitely would prefer PBT keycaps rather than ABS. That said, the Shine 5's keycaps are nicely textured, lacking the glossy soon-to-be-slimy feel typical of ABS. I may well replace them at some point, however they are fully serviceable for now.

Speaking of keycaps, the font Ducky uses is reasonably legible. It is far more readable than the mess used by Corsair, Deck, and others. Ducky's backlighting also comes through well with the exception of Scroll and Caps lock, which are unlighted. On the plus side, the Ducky keycaps produce less noise than other MX Blue keyboards. That is, except for the space bar. Ducky did not use high quality stabilizers, so there is a hollow "clunk" each time the space bar bottoms out.

I also appreciate that all lighting effects are stored in the keyboard, no half-baked software required (here's looking at you, Corsair). What one loses in point-and-click setup is easily made up for in set-and-forget convenience.

As others mention, the space bar LED lights are poorly positioned, with light blasting into your eyes. Three short strips of electrical tape later and the space bar lighting is the same as on the other keys.
Zach on 01/05/2017 05:34am
I've been using this keyboard for 5 months now. It's my first mechanical keyboard so I really have nothing else to base it on, but I absolutely love it! The blue switches are clicky which is exactly what I wanted; they make it very fun to type (especially at 100 wpm). The build is sturdy (and pretty heavy compared to a normal keyboard, but I don't see this as an issue). I use it for both general purposes and gaming. It makes typing essays for school more enjoyable, and even just making google searches is fun now. I mainly play osu!, MapleStory, and Combat Arms, and this works perfectly for all of those games. Altogether, for my first mechanical keyboard, I'm very satisfied so far (hopefully I will be for a long time to come).

There is, however, one small issue I noticed. osu! is a rhythm game where you use two keys only, and you tap those two keys constantly for a very long time. When I had the keyboard in the reactive lighting mode (the one where when you tap a key it lights up, only that key), after about 10 minutes of tapping the same 2 keys over and over again (any 2 keys, I have tried with multiple combinations and received the same results) the lighting goes away color by color. When on RGB reactive lighting, first one of either red, green, or blue will go out, leaving random mixtures of the other two colors, but then as I tap with them more the other colors will eventually stop working too, so when the keys are tapped there is no lighting at all (for just those 2 keys, all of the other keys on the keyboard light as they should). This is very easily fixed by just cycling through the lighting modes until I get back to reactive lighting, but then the same thing happens. To be clear I didn't experience this while typing normally, only when I was pressing those two keys for an extended period of time. This isn't a big deal to me because I hardly use reactive lighting in the first place, but it seemed like something I should share.

tl;dr great first mechanical keyboard, solid build, switches are light and clickly as blues should be, overall satisfied
David Eames on 12/04/2016 11:10pm
Great keyboard for a while. This is my 3rd mech. keyboard, and my 2nd Ducky.
I love the blue switches and the keyboard is well made.
Problem is after a year or less the Cherry switches start to type double letters or none at all. If they were cheaper it wouldn't be such a problem. But at this price I can't afford to replace my keyboard every year.
Going back to cheaper switches. Hate to do it because I do really like this keyboard, but just doesn't last long enough.
Pericles Leros on 07/26/2016 07:49am
This was the first mechanical keyboard I owned, although I had tried many before this.
It was hands down the best keyboard I ever had. Build quality excellent, lighting effects really cool.
I got the MX Blue by the way.
Only complaint was that the keys were really hard to press I felt I was missing keys when typing because they needed more pressure.

Trust me Blue switches should be soft and easy to press. If you get keys that are stiff and need a lot of effort to press or stick in then something is wrong.

Sadly I had to replace this keyboard with a Das Keyboard 4 Pro with Blue switches and voila! Day and night difference, super easy to type. Satisfied.

Ducky wins hands down on build quality!!

Definitely recommend it.
Colin on 07/18/2016 08:20pm
I had been using a Ducky Zero with MX Brown switches for the past year. I knew Ducky made a great product and I wanted to switch (get it?) it up to Blues. I also wanted to customize the colors on my keyboard.

Enter the Ducky Shine 5! This keyboard is absolutely amazing! There are plenty of colors to choose from, the colors are bright, and it is actually fairly easy to customize. I also like that there is no software. I highly recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for a quality product that will last years and provide a wonderful typing experience.
Devil Taco on 06/07/2016 12:46am
I love this keyboard. I have tested the Shine 5 alongside several of the big box keyboards such as the Razer Blackwidow Chroma, Corsair Strafe RGB, Corsair K65 LUX RGB, and Logitech G810. I also own a Shine 4 with mx clear switches and blue/red lighting. I won't talk about the software much, but I can go over the physical characteristics of these boards for comparison to the Shine 5.
I admit I did not buy any of these boards for gaming as a priority. I can't provide a gaming review on any keyboards. I was on a quest for the perfect keyboard for typing plus lighting. I type a great deal so switches are paramount. However, I was also looking for a keyboard that was very pleasing to use in dim lighting or the dark.
Ducky outdid themselves with the lighting on the Shine 5. It is clearly brighter and more vibrant than the Corsair boards despite using similar Cherry RGB switches. Even the improved lighting og the the current Strafe model is dimmer and less vibrant thant the Shine 5. This may be attributed to Ducky's use of larger SMD LED's and the double dual pcb and backplate design.
The overall build of the Ducky boards are solid. The much vaunted aluminum faced K65 could not match it. I experienced clearly audible ping on the K65 and the non-removable braided cord shroud separated from the keyboard case within a month.
The BW Chroma has bright lighting, which is its claim to fame. However, Razer uses very wobbly keys that I didn't like typing on. This is a moot point for me as I won't buy any more Razer products as long as they require me to log in to their system to use my peripherals.
The G810 is a serviceable unit, but the more gamer-centric romer g switches lack the typing feedback of the mx blues. The 810's lighting is strong but has no coverage around the keys. This means that the lighting at the keycaps are bright but the dark space between keycaps makes for a much more understated look. The build was passable, but I wasn't impressed with the thin case and an annoying tendency to ping sporadically.
The Ducky Shine 5 has none of these issues. The 5 has everything I love about the Shine 4, but has the improved lighting and a nice brushed patterned case. The outer dimensions of the Shine 4/5 is more compact than the rest of the full sized boards mentioned. It has higher quality key caps, and has the best lighting you can get. The build is excellent with no ping at all and a great footing system. As for typing, I've been enjoying the Cherry mx blue switches. These have provided what is easily the most pleasing typing experience for my long writing sessions.
Daniel on 02/10/2016 03:25pm
Just received my Shine 5 (MX blue) in the mail. Overall, I am very happy with the keyboard. Very high quality, joy to work on and I'm happy I waited for these to be in stock again before I decided on something else.
Lucky on 01/26/2016 03:55pm
Keyboard looks awesome, sounds awesome and just feels incredible. Typing goes extremely accurately with this keyboard! I'm in love.
Kristjan Ugrin on 01/14/2016 11:41am
Solid keyboard with my preferred blue MX switch.
The RGB leds open a lot of lightning possibilities to make a cool mood for the environment.

Cons: the LED under the spacebar can be blindingly bright, if you sit at the desk at a certain angle.
Ty on 01/08/2016 04:02pm
Excellent build quality. Beautiful color LEDs.
Jeffrey Domingo on 12/20/2015 07:15pm
Solid keyboard.

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