Secret RGB Mouse and Flipper Mouse Pad (Ducky)

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DuckySecret RGB Mouse and Flipper Mouse Pad
  • Ducky Secret Mouse
  • Includes Ducky Flipper R Mouse Pad
  • Weight: 120g (weight without cable) : +6g (Added Weight 1) : +11g (Added Weight 2)
Pixart PMW3310DH Sensor
NXP 32-bit ARM MCU
125/250/500/1000Hz Polling Rate
3+2 Buttons
Omron Switches
PBT Plastic
Black Teflon Feet
1.8M Cable
Dimensions : 68.5 x 121.8 x 38 (mm)
Weight : 120g

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  • I love the Ducky Secret. It feels the same as the old Microsoft Intellimouse, but better with PBT and a hefty weight. The free shipping and desk mat make this a great value. I've been using the mouse for about a year and a half and it looks like new. The PBT is extremely durable and the texture is great for dry hands and especially for sweaty hands.

  • Amazing, amazing, AMAZING MOUSE!
    No clunky CPU-draining software is needed and its functions/aesthetics are customizable. The colored lights are amazing. Its weight was suitable for me so adjustment was not needed. It has surface detection which works remarkably well.
    The only minor downside is this mouse is HUGE, larger than the average mouse. My hands are on the smaller side and I did not believe the numerous reviews warning of its largeness. This really does not affect the functionality of the mouse, it's simply a matter of preference and comfort. I might order a Secret M and keep this one as a backup since the performance is that fantastic.

  • I did a lot of research to find a high-quality mouse. Basically every popular model by all the major manufacturers still have a large number of reviews with defective components or short lifespans. So I was really in an uncomfortable position.

    On an obscure forum, someone mention the simplicity and high-quality construction of this model. After researching the manufacturer and finding its excellent reputation, I decided to give the Secret a shot. I was worried because this is a big expense for me. I'm not a video gamer, I just want something that will withstand abuse and work all the time.

    I'm happy to say that this mouse is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to the manufacturer and the retailer for making it available.

    Great shape
    Adjustable weights
    Easy access, no hidden screws
    you can turn off the lights
    no software

    Just great overall, no excessive bells and whistles. Just a high-quality product.

  • Long reviews have been done to death here, so I'll just keep it short. The fact that this mouse comes with the flipper pad makes buying it here a killer deal. You're essentially buying the Secret for only $38.00 since buying the Flipper pad separately is $30.00.

    As for the mouse itself, it has a great body feel, probably won't wear down like the rubber sides on every single Logitech mice I've ever owned.

  • An amazing mouse that does not disappoint in the least. Ducky's first foray into the world of optical mice far exceeded my expectations.

    While I'm a long-term user of the Zowie EC2-A and FK1 mice, I ended up buying this mouse as I was rather impressed with the quality of previous Ducky keyboards I have owned, most recently the Shine 5.

    This mouse is a strange and heavy beast, you could probably kill a man with it by swinging it around like a mace. The manual is simple and easy to read, explaining each section well, from how to change your DPI settings, including other settings like what material you're using the mouse on, the color of the LEDs, and even the USB refresh rate. It's all wonderfully laid out and the best part is that you do not need a driver or anything. You can just plug it in and go. I love hardware that doesn't need peripherals to run, even if some people might prefer it.

    The grip and general make of it has a fine coarseness to it and is incredibly solid. Most mice feel like cheap, lightweight plastic, but this guy is definitely one of the heaviest I've used. But for those with weaker wrists or hands, you can unscrew the bottom panel and a bracket to remove the weight (or add another, as there's a 10g or so spare plate packaged with the box.) There are also additional screws in case you lose a few somehow, which is a nice addition.

    The mouse itself has a very responsive click, not too meaty, but not mushy either. The scrolling and tracking are top-notch and flawless. That isn't to say the design is perfect for everyone, however. Some might be bothered by the ribbed, gear-like mouse wheel or the ridged rubber pad that divides each mouse button. The side buttons are surprisingly light and somewhat loose, with the forward button possessing a strange curve that leaves a gap in the middle of it, but I found that it actually helps secure my hand from making the mouse slip. It supports all grip types, but I found that having a flatter grip is slightly more comfortable, with a caveat. I found the palm of my hand getting rather warm when I hold the mouse for a good period of time, mostly because of the material on the mouse itself.

    It also comes with a giant pad that reaches across my entire desk almost perfectly. It's a pad, what more can you say?

    A small complaint - the box the Ducky Secret came in was slightly damaged during shipping, having been pressed in from the loose packaging of my order sliding around. Not a dealbreaker in the slightest, but just a warning to those who like their packages in pristine condition.

    Great mouse for the price!

  • I love the Ducky Secret Mouse. I went from using the Corsair Sabre to it. I love I can customize it without software. In addition, I'm using both the weights with my mouse. I love that more than anything b/c the Sabre was too light and I felt like I was throwing it whenever I used it. The Ducky Secret is perfect for me. I love it's grip, size, and weight. I can go on and on; just know this mouse is a winner!

  • Sometimes it's hard to tell if a mouse will be great for you if it's not something you could try out first. For me it was between this one and the FinalMouse 2016/2015. Because of not only the price but the deal of it coming with it's new mouse pad. There were only 1-2 reviews of this mouse pad on youtube and even then I didn't get a detailed one. After doing my own research I found out that this mouse is directly inspired by the old intellimouse 3.0!

    Having this mouse in my hand feels great from what I'm previously use to (ec1 CL, FK1).

    SIZE/SHAPE: To be 100% honest it's strange, the center of the palm is lowered but the buttons are somewhat short. It feels nice with the PBT shell, gives it a nice rough feeling so my hands wont slip. Comparing this to the FK1 I feel they are pretty close to each other but I grow closer to the Secret, VS Ec1 CL this is by far better. The groove for my thumb is interesting, at times I like it, others not so much just feels strange. I am sure it's because the buttons are sharp and forces you to put your thumb in a certain area where as the FK1 or EC1 CL is more rounded and smoothed. This takes some getting use to.

    WEIGHT: I hear people complain about the weight for this mouse quite a bit, but if I see a video review or picture review they typically have smaller than average wrists/arms/forearm, so be warned. I also hear that one of the best things for FPS players to look for in a mouse is weight, I don't agree nor do I agree with this. I 100% believe it is preference through and through. It weighs in at 126g ( stock, meaning when you take it out of the package) 120g when you unscrew the bottom and take out the weight. I think I managed to get it to 118g by unscrewing the brackets that hold the weights in. Personally, the weight feels right, it's not light enough for me to over shoot and it's not heavy enough to where I can't hit my shots.

    SENSOR/SWITCHES: Tracks great! I never even had a problem with it right out of the box, although I've heard people have been. Not much else to say about it, coming from the EC1 CL and FK1/Original FK, I honestly feel it's about the same. What I did notice were the switches the Omrons feel AMAZING! Great travel distance and it helps with my reaction time. The buttons on the side feel stiff even after a good while it's still stiff. I got use to it after the month I've been using it but, I still consider this a con.

    Mousepad: No one talks about this mouse pad and I have no clue why? I'll keep it short. It's long and is enough for mouse and keyboard, and feels similar to the SS Heavy, however I prefer this one for it being slightly smoother when it comes to glide. I still prefer something a bit smoother so I go towards mousepad makers like Artisan (ShidenKai).

    Software/Functions: A great selling point for me was not having to install useless software like with SS or Razer. I just really hate it. However, messing with these buttons after a while I can see how it can be a bit of a pain the DPI button for one is flat compared to the Zowie mice where it's easier to hit that button if need be for switching DPI(has a bit of a groove to actually hit it) or in this case, literally for all the functions of the mouse! You need it to: adjust lighting, adjust mousepad calibration (ONLY IF you need it), Polling Rate. It's just a lot to keep track of. They don't tell you about the Lighting and the Angle Snapping Functions:

    Lighting: Hold DPI button pressing the middle mouse button

    Angle snapping (don't know why they have this but hey more functions right?): Hold DPI Button pressing mouse button 4 (the one in front)

    OVERALL: I give it a 5/5 on this website but to get a better understanding I would give it a 8/10 or 7.5/10. Why? It's a great mouse but apparently they're catering towards FPS players but I don't think it's quite there yet. Feels great, performs great and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a legit great performing mouse with great quality however due to it's weight it's hard to recommend this to people that want something lighter. Maybe it would be pretty awesome for them to release a lighter shell to decrease the weight? Fun thought. The functions with getting your mouse to how you want it with the DPI settings and what not are fun, when messing with it when you first get it
    I didn't cover the lighting because, well, I didn't think it mattered. It's bright gives the mouse a nice touch. I already feel this is about as good as a Deathadder and EC1. But this mouse is far from perfect. I can't wait to see a revision.

  • The Ducky Secret RGB mouse features a PBT body, Omron Switches and a 3310 sensor. In short, it's a durable mouse with a great feeling body and amazing sensor. There is no software, but setting everything from DPI, Poll Rate and even surface tuning takes just seconds and is done by pressing a combination of mouse buttons. The PBT surface feels amazing and doesn't pick up dust, fingerprints, etc. like my G502 from Logitech. The ergonomics of the mouse are excellent and it feels great in my hand. I use a palm grip and the Secret is one of the most comfortable mice I've used, though the Steelseries Rival also felt good. The RGB lighting looks great and cycles really nicely, not overly bright or distracting in the least.

    Lastly, the Flipper mousepad that is currently included is a very nice surface and feels good on my wrists. It tracks very well, is thick and holds to my glasstop desk like glue.

    Overall, an amazing package and the best gaming mouse I've ever used. (G502, Steelseries Rival, Razer DeathAdder, G700S, others)

  • I wasn't super into this mouse when I first tried it because I was previously using the Logitech G502 (also a great mouse). I forced myself to continue giving this mouse a try because I am a big fan of Ducky, and I really wanted to like it.

    Well, after using the Ducky Secret for a few days exclusively, I really began to enjoy the way it fit my hand and the way that the PBT felt. Out of curiosity, I tried to use my G502 today, and it felt completely wrong, which made me unplug it after one round of Depth in favor of my new favorite mouse, the Ducky Secret.

    The lights are beautiful, and it makes my desk look like a lot of fun with my Ducky mini in wave mode on my Ducky Flipper Extra mouse pad. I will admit I am definitely in the process of becoming, if not already, a huge Ducky fanboy.

    However, I must mention that I am having a slight issue with the RGB LED on the left side of the mouse. When transitioning to green, the red LED stays on, which makes that one spot orange while the other lighting zones are green. This doesn't always happen though, and it seems to fix itself over time. Regardless, I have decided to embrace the quirk and call it "The Ugly Duckling".

    I am now looking to sell my G502 to buy another one of these fantastic mice while I can. I love this mouse, and I love Ducky. Thank you so much Mechanical Keyboards!!

  • From the looks of it this is Ducky's first mouse attempt. I'm a huge Ducky keyboard fan, so I had to jump on this mouse!It met and exceeded my expectations but there were a couple little things that bugged me and one pretty major issue.

    The Pixart sensor is quite amazing with no acceleration problems. Following their keyboard theme there is no software, instead relying on key combinations to set polling rate, colors, DPI, etc. The PBT build is sublime and I don't see this thing shining anytime soon. The Omron switches all felt nice and tactile.

    A couple of nitpicks is that you can't buy the mouse alone, you must buy it with the Flipper pad. I actually love the flipper pad but the option should be there. Second small gripe is the small gliding feet on the mouse. But my biggest complaint is how it does weights. The mouse must have 5 small screws removed to take apart the shell and the weights are screwed in with 8 more screws. This is annoying as if you want to try out different weights you may be taking it apart multiple times. Unless you're completely happy with the stock weight you may be taking it apart a few times. Plus, the instructions weren't very clear on how to take it apart.

    Overall, I'd definitely recommend this mouse! Comfortable to use, great tracking and the Flipper is really great as well!

  • I found out about Ducky quite recently when I was interested in looking for a new keyboard for my desk. My Shine 3 TKL with reds blew my mind, I can't believe I didn't find out about this company sooner because they make some excellent stuff. So when I found out they made a mouse, I was insanely curious. I love my Naos but I simply HAD to try this mouse out, and I am so glad I did.

    First, the unboxing experience is nice, very good packaging ableit a tad thin on the plastic and cardboard. But you really feel like it holds together very well despite that, then you take out the mouse and put down on your mat. DAMN, this thing feels GREAT to hold. I've used the Copperhead, Diamondback, Deathadder (and it's countless iterations), Mamba, Castor, and Naos, and this thing STILL beats all of them in terms of the feel. The full PBT body is really nice and feels grippier and easier to hold than the rubberized finish I'm used to, the shape is like a smaller Deathadder. You'd think with the dimensions it'd be a really small mouse, but it's very well rounded and fat, fits a palm grip perfectly, and any other grip style for that matter. It feels like an old school mouse, and that alone is what gives a certain charm, the lack of drivers is a welcome feature, and they managed to pack everything you need into the mouse.

    The DPI button is on the bottom of the mouse, which might turn off some who like to change their DPI on the fly, but it didn't bother me at all since I only use one setting for everything. And even if it was on top you'd still need at least two buttons to satisfy those who are particular about this sort of thing. The lights next to the DPI button show you what your settings are, with 7 different DPI stages and very easy to read and understand. Holding the DPI button and pressing the Left Click, Right Click, and Thumb Button allows you to change the Polling Rate, Lift Off Distance, and Angle Snapping. By moving the mouse wheel you can change the colors to whatever you like. The Lift Off Distance could perhaps use more variety with settings but the Surface Scanner functionality is there, and it works fine after you give it a go. The Weight System is even trickier, you have to undo 5 screws to take the shell off and add or remove weights from the bracket. So this mouse isn't user friendly unless you're used to Ducky's stuff and expect there to be rather intimate relationship with reading the manual and setting the Secret up however you like.

    The performance of the mouse as far as the Sensor, Switches, and everything else goes is phenominal. The Sensor hasn't been tinkered with at all so it has VERY raw feel with no noticeable mouse acceleration, smoothing, or any weird bs. The Switches feel fantastic and responsive, very crisp and not too light so you don't have a ton of accidental presses, though the ability to change out said switches or add some extra torque to the left and right click would be nice since they are a tad easier to misclick. But I can place my thumb on the thumb switches and rest it there without pressing them. The mouse isn't very light, without all weights in it, but I didn't really notice that to be honest when I play, the mouse is easy to pick up and the PBT body gives it a nice grip that doesn't slip even when my hands get a little sweaty.

    Overall, just wow, for a first attempt this mouse is fan freaking tastic, I love the fact that it's driverless and the build quality, hands down beats the hell out of any other mouse I've tried within a $50-$75 price range. If there was anything I could say about this mouse it would only be what would be nice to haves, I have pretty much zero criticisms for me personally. It'd be nice if I didn't need to take off the shell to get access to the weights, a screw system I think would still work but it could all be under the mouse, where the serial number and all that jazz is located. That and I wish I could adjust the torque of the left and right clicks, but like I said those are just nice to haves, the mouse itself as far I am concerned is the best damn mouse I've ever used.

    If you're even SLIGHTLY curious about this mouse, get it, cause it's going to beat the shit out of any other mice you can get for the price. I might have to buy another for work to be honest.

    Well done Ducky, I am very excited to see what you do next.

  • I was a little concerned about the functionality of the mouse with my Mac. I run a PC and a Mac Mini on a switch so I need my peripherals to work with both. I have the Ducky Mini and it works flawlessly with both systems so I was optimistic about giving the Ducky Secret a shot. And I'm so glad I did!

    The Secret connected and worked immediately with my Mac. All settings (DPI, surface, RGB, etc) worked perfectly. I did have a problem, however, with buttons 3 and 4 not going back/forward on my Mac. I tried them in Safari and Chrome and instead of going back/forward a page, they worked like another left-click. I switched over to my PC (where, again, everything worked immediately and perfectly) and the buttons worked as they were meant to -- going back and forward.

    I couldn't find anything in my Mac system settings to adjust the mouse buttons, so since I already use BetterTouchTool to customize my Magic Trackpad, I just went in there and assigned back and forward to buttons 3 and 4. It took all of 30 seconds and now it works perfectly. There might be a better solution/setting somewhere, but that quick adjustment did the trick for me so I'm happy.

    I'm very very pleased with this mouse. Like I mentioned, I have it running through a switch between my computers but it's still extremely responsive with zero lag. I'm coming from the Logitech G602 which had some lag and stuttering issues, so the Ducky Secret is an absolute dream. The cord is long enough I can do some proper cable management on my desk, so the transition from wireless to wired is not as difficult for my OCD as I assumed it would be.

    The colors are fun and match my Ducky Mini. Between the lights on my keyboard and now the lights on my mouse, I probably never have to turn on lights in my house again. I also really like the Ducky branded mouse pad that came with the Secret. As someone who *really* appreciates matching, I love seeing my Ducky mouse and Ducky keyboard on their Ducky mat.

    The mouse is very simple and very comfortable in my hand. I love the feel of the PBT; like this thing could make it through the nuclear war and travel with me as I wander the wasteland. But then I'd have to salvage it eventually to make a weapon mod. Enough reviewing -- it's time to boot up the PC and take this baby on a test drive. Buy this mouse! You won't regret it!

    P.S. Great customer service from as usual. I've always had nothing but pleasant and prompt experiences with them. Thumbs up, guys!

  • Great mouse! Superior ergonomics as I've experienced no discomfort after hours of gaming and the Omron Switches are the best, IMO. No accidental side button encounters, either. RGB matched the orange on my Shine 3 Orange well too.

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