KBParadise V80 Vintage TKL Mechanical Keyboard

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KBParadise V80 Vintage Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

Fukka (Fuhua) White thumbnailFukka (Fuhua) White
$99.00 $79.00 On Sale!
Kailh BOX White thumbnailKailh BOX White
Kailh BOX Brown thumbnailKailh BOX Brown
Kailh BOX Black thumbnailKailh BOX Black
Kailh BOX Red thumbnailKailh BOX Red
Kailh BOX Heavy Pale Blue thumbnailKailh BOX Heavy Pale Blue
Kailh BOX Heavy Burnt Orange thumbnailKailh BOX Heavy Burnt Orange
Kailh BOX Heavy Dark Yellow thumbnailKailh BOX Heavy Dark Yellow
Kailh Speed Silver thumbnailKailh Speed Silver
Kailh Speed Gold thumbnailKailh Speed Gold
Kailh Speed Bronze thumbnailKailh Speed Bronze
Cherry MX Brown thumbnailCherry MX Brown
Kailh Speed Copper thumbnailKailh Speed Copper
Cherry MX Blue thumbnailCherry MX Blue
Cherry MX Red thumbnailCherry MX Red
Cherry MX Black thumbnailCherry MX Black
Cherry MX Silver thumbnailCherry MX Silver
Cherry MX Clear thumbnailCherry MX Clear
Kailh BOX Thick Jade thumbnailKailh BOX Thick Jade
Kailh BOX Navy thumbnailKailh BOX Navy
Matias Quiet Click thumbnailMatias Quiet Click
Cherry MX Silent Red thumbnailCherry MX Silent Red
Cherry MX Silent Black thumbnailCherry MX Silent Black
Cherry MX Tactile Grey thumbnailCherry MX Tactile Grey
Matias Click thumbnailMatias Click
Matias Linear thumbnailMatias Linear
Cherry MX Green thumbnailCherry MX Green


Details and Specifications

Switch StemsALPS, MX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorBlack
Primary LED Colorn/a
Control LED Colorn/a
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key RolloverFull
Multimedia KeysYes
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Dimensions5.31" x 14.06" x 1.38"
Weight2.07 lbs
Cord Length60 inches

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  • Got the Fukka White (Alps SKBM white) clicky version, and holy sh**, this thing pings like crazy. I know that Alps have a tendency to ping, but this is something else. Even brushing my hand across the top of the keyboard produces massive spring chorus. I used the Matias Tactile Pro, as well as several vintage Alps boards, and none of them pings as badly as this one. I even tried putting foam into the chassis to no avail.

    Other than that, the switches are only OK - after Kailh came up with their clickbar BOX switches, those took the top spot of clicky switches for me. Alps and Matias are just too inconsistent compared to the Kailh BOX clickbar switches, with tactile feel and switch sound differing from key to key, and this is a brand new clean board.

    The keycaps KBP used in this also didn't help; It's thin and seem to amplify the pinginess somehow. It's also ABS and already started to shine after only a year and a half of use. Legends look nice, though.

    Oh, and Mini USB with a cable that does not fit into the left/right gutter, and does not stay in the center gutter.

    All in all, there seem to be better options now; If not for nostalgia, I don't really see a reason to get this board compared to other, similarly priced modern boards.

  • The keyboard is chic in its own way. The mouthguards are of excellent quality, although ABS. Also, only the white keys are thermosublimated, and the gray ones are not.
    Costar stabilizers. People say they're bad, but they're not!!! They have a place to be, they can be easily changed, lubricated and improved. Typing on them is even better than on cherie stubs.
    I recommend

  • It's okay. Three switches are starting to chatter, and it's pretty much inpossible to swap them out as the configuration is a locked up plate mount. The backspace was also pretty unstable-- I'm guessing that's why they no longer sell these.

  • I got this keyboard with kailh box black switches (linear) in April 2020. I have been using it for 2 months now for heavy gaming and typing use case. (8 hours) each day.

    Key Type : Kailh Box black switches (linear)
    Pros: The swithces are super smooth linear switches very satisfying bottom out. The spacebar key is perfectly stabalized.
    Cons : The Backspace, Enter and Shift keys have wobble and rattle which is very annoying. Other keys are perfectly stabalized and have no issues.

    Pros : The keys caps are ABS plastic and are perfect
    Cons : The color scheme is duller than I expected. I will probably get new key caps for myself.

    pros: Perfectly braided cable
    Cons : None

    Pros : Perfectly stabalized chasis
    Cons : None.

  • Great reccomended!

  • I got this keyboard 3 weeks ago with Matias Quiet Click switches. The build quality is reaasonnaable, the keycaps/stabilizers wobble a bit but the reaal issue is that several keys chatter quite aaa lot (aas seenn in this inn this commennt with the letters A anndn NN). This seems to be a theme looking aat other comments/onnlinnnennn reviews. Hopefully it seems to be fixable.

  • I ordered this with heavy Cherry MX Black Silent switches.

    I knew I wanted heavy switches, after having borrowed my son's Corsair with Cherry MX Reds. They were too light for my heavy-handed typing: I couldn't even log in properly because, on that very light-action Corsair, I was accidentally adding extra letters in my password.

    Also, I wanted to replicate as much as possible, the look and feel of the IBM Model M-style Unicomp keyboard I've got at home. I consider the Unicomp to be perfect, but I can't just get a second one for the office because its buckling spring mechanism is too noisy for an open-plan office.

    Hence, this KBParadise V80 Vintage TKL. I love it. The chassis feels solid. Typing, even for long periods, is enjoyable.

    The keyboard is not absolutely silent - the office-issue Hewlett-Packard membrane keyboards are in fact quieter if mushier-feeling - but the Black Silent switches are muted enough to be unobjectionable in a quiet office.

    Caveat: the keyboard's colouring is more beige and grey than the picture indicates. If you want to get a better idea of its actual colour, look at the picture illustrating the KBParadise V60 Vintage 60%. If you don't mind a keyboard that looks discoloured from age even though it's brand new, you'll be just fine.

  • Stabilizers are really bad. They are noisy. They are not cherry stabilizers. feels cheap. Keycaps are ABS. For the same price you can get cherry stabilizers and PBT keycaps from ducky or other vendors. Not worth the money.

  • not sure why but only a few weeks after getting my keyboard a bunch of the keys started to chatter mainly the W,S, and G but also sometimes A, and E. I've heard this is is a switch issue (matias switches) I can cant get a refund because I voided the warranty my modding some of the switches, however non of the ones that are broke where touched.

    I ordered this board a month or two ago. I really enjoyed it, until I started getting key chatter (basically, hitting a switch once results in 2, 3, 4, 5, .etc characters instead of one). Check here link not available to test for key chatter. I returned the board to receive a replacement. Worked great for about a week, then my 'S' key started to chatter. I researched the problem, this time looking into the switch rather than the board. I found that sometimes with these switches, lube collects on the contacts and forms a grease that will cause the chatter. https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/4t08br/kbparadise_v60_matias_quiet_key_chatter_issue/
    I followed the video linked there and cleaned the grease with isopropyl alcohol on a coffee filter. Then I rebuilt the switch, and it works great. The upside is that my keyboard works great! The downside is that it is possible for other switches to eventually get this way, making maintenance a MUST on this board (well, the boards with matias switches).

    Overall, even with the maintenance, I'm content with this board because it is super quiet at the office. I just wish it costed less and matias switches were built better.

  • Fantastic keyboard, I was looking for something like my old KB-6251, but TKL. The difference in sound and feel between the old keyboard's Alps SKCM White switches and the new keyboard's Matias clicky switches is all but imperceptible.

  • I bought and have been using this keyboard with MX silver keys for about a year and it's been a great daily work horse. Solid construction, no problems.

  • Think of this as a competant but not great Majestouch 2 knockoff that's available in tons of switches. In my case, I needed a TKL with silent blacks - and this was pretty much it. It fits the bill: it%u2019s a no-nonsense, quiet keyboard.

    Honestly, I think the V80 is a little overpriced with things like the Turtle Beach Impact 500 out there.

  • Ordered because it was the only reasonable pre-built board with BOX Navy switches. I was pretty disappointed with the quality on arrival. Board seems solidly constructed and worked just fine UNTIL I went to replace keycaps. Several switches started to come apart just with the force of removing the key. I also noticed the board uses cheap costar stabs which was a disappointing downgrade from my KBPv60 that has cherry stabs. The switch problem makes me a little worried for the longevity of the board BUT if you plan on keeping the board stock I would still recommend this. The stock keycaps do seem to be of pretty good quality, and the sheer # of available switch options is tough to beat.

  • Great keyboard with many switch options available. If you're needing a basic TKL keyboard, look no further!

  • I really wanted to love this keyboard. I've had it about 3 months. I bought it to replace my aging Northgate OmniKey 101 keyboard which had been serving me well for the last 20 years, but was showing its age. I DO like the smaller form factor, and while the key feel is totally different than that of the OmniKey, it is still not the mush of typical keyboards. There is SOME mechanical feedback, and the keys are quiet. So far, so good.

    But, from the get-go, the keyboard has been OK, but not much better. The braided USB cord is stiff enough so that it doesn't stay in place in one of the channels of the housing that is supposed to perform this function. And, it tends to dislodge and misalign the mini-USB connector enough so that the keyboard quits working. A real PIYA! (BYW, some of us are not only touch typists, but also like to have the keyboard on our knees for long typing sessions.)

    The n-key rollover basically doesn't work very well. There are lots of times when I get double letters, sometimes with repeats a few letters apart. I had started to get some of this kind of behavior with my old OmniKey,, so I started to think that it was because of my deteriorating typing skills. Nope! I recently had to install a computer in the basement, for which I used a (very) old IBM TKL keyboard. It works like a champ! No problem typing on it, so it's not me.

    Here%u2019s the thing that really knocks points off this keyboard. Recently 've been having a lot of problems with the 'E' key. 'Well,' I thought to myself, 'let me take off the key cap and see if I can discover what the problem is. Perhaps there is some dust/dirt/or something that it easy to fix.' When I tried pulling the key cap off with my Northgate key cap puller, instead of removing the key cap, the entire key switch came apart. Based upon my later observations, the key switch was probably never assembled correctly in the first place. The only way for the key switch to come apart like that is if the snap closure mechanism of the key switch never closed. This probably caused a misalignment which caused the key failure in the first place.

    I once wrote a 'how-to' for fixing the OmniKey switches after they started to double-enter or not work at all, so I know the insides of them well. The insides of the Mattias switches aren't anything like them. There is nowhere near the quality. Essentially, they are prone to assembly errors by design and aren't in any way serviceable by a user. So, don't even think about it. I did manage to fix mine after reassembling it a dozen or so times in order to get one of the switch elements correctly aligned. Someone without the right tools and a jeweler's magnifier would find this impossible.

    In summary, I can't recommend this keyboard. There are too many things that are only so so in its implementation. Having the type of failures that I'm experimenting after only six months, well that speaks for itself. The only nice touch are the smilies that show up beneath the key switch around the vias on the PCB.

  • I bought this a while ago and recently replaced the keycaps on it and I really do like it a lot. Clears might not be my favorite switch (they feel very scratchy), but the board itself is solid and pretty well constructed. I noticed a slight pinging when I first got it but listening closely now it is no longer audible for some reason. I did replace they keycaps because they were laser-etched. They did NOT start fading yet (still look brand new), but I do prefer doubleshot keycaps and the "vintage beige" got a little boring. You can pass the mini-usb cable through channels to either side of the board or straight out the back which is SUPER convenient on my small desk.

    All in all the board feels good, looks decent (looks amazing with the tai-hao carbon set), and is pretty well built.

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