KBParadise V60 Vintage 60% Mechanical Keyboard

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KBParadise V60 Vintage Mechanical Keyboard

Available Switches

$95.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Cherry MX Red thumbnailCherry MX Red
$99.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Cherry MX Brown thumbnailCherry MX Brown
$99.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Cherry MX Blue thumbnailCherry MX Blue
$99.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Kailh BOX White thumbnailKailh BOX White
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Kailh BOX Heavy Pale Blue thumbnailKailh BOX Heavy Pale Blue
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Matias Quiet Click thumbnailMatias Quiet Click
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Kailh BOX Heavy Burnt Orange thumbnailKailh BOX Heavy Burnt Orange
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Kailh Speed Bronze thumbnailKailh Speed Bronze
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Kailh BOX Thick Jade thumbnailKailh BOX Thick Jade
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Datacomp ALPS Blue thumbnailDatacomp ALPS Blue
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
ALPS Brown thumbnailALPS Brown
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Cherry MX Silver thumbnailCherry MX Silver
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Fukka (Fuhua) White thumbnailFukka (Fuhua) White
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Matias Linear thumbnailMatias Linear
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Matias Click thumbnailMatias Click
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Kailh BOX Navy thumbnailKailh BOX Navy
$109.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Cherry MX Silent Red thumbnailCherry MX Silent Red
$114.00 $94.00 On Sale!
Cherry MX Clear thumbnailCherry MX Clear
$114.00 $94.00 On Sale!
 Fukka (Fuhua) Black
$119.00 $94.00 On Sale!



  • Only 25 have been made - 15 are coming to MK Inc!

Details and Specifications

Switch StemsALPS, MX
Physical LayoutANSI
Logical LayoutUS QWERTY
Frame ColorBlack
Primary LED Colorn/a
Control LED Colorn/a
Hotswap SocketsNo
USB Key Rollover6
Switch Mount TypePlate
Built in Audio PortNo
Built in Mic PortNo
Windows CompatibleYes
Dimensions3.94" x 11.46" x 1.67"
Weight1.12 lbs
Cord Length60 inches

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  • Keycaps are good, using Kailh switches is another star. Took away 3 stars for the stabilizers being absolute sh***. Tried multiple versions of this board as I didn't know which switches I wanted, but every single one had to be returned because the stabilizers were rattling a ton. You shouldn't have to mod/repair/upgrade a piece unless you WANT to so I recommend going to a different brand. MK support was awesome to interact with.

    I would like to note that this was a couple years ago so maybe KBParadise improved/fix this, but I would just recommend someone go with Ducky or Durgod instead.

  • The keyboard has many good switch variations and comes with a switch puller, but that is about it for the good parts of this board.
    I personally dislike this board very much. The stabilisers are very rattly, the keycaps are of a low quality, and after only a short time of heavy use I have seen key chatter.

  • Bought the keyboard 1.5 years ago and started experiencing issues after 6 months. Double-typing from the space bar is absurd (see: this review) and the issue is only able to be remedied for 2-3 days at a time by taking it apart, cleaning it, and reassembling it. Entirely unusable.

  • Didn't really bother to plug it in, I'm a bit in the disappointed side, having paid about 110 for the keyboard or so, they keycaps honestly feel like garbage, stabilizers are possessed and I honestly don't think I'll be buying another keyboard for a while, because I'm just deterred, however I do like the switches themselves.

  • At first I was really happy with the keyboard, but I feel the cons outweigh the pros by a lot.
    The Matias quiet click switches feel great to use.
    The secondary function of keys are SO useful for programming, I no longer have to move my hand to and from my mouse.
    The key caps are very soft and dent easily.
    The key caps are very hard to pull off the switch and a switch broke while trying to pull one off (I was using the included key cap puller).
    Ghosting. Oh my god the ghosting has been horrible. I sent the board back for repairs because my keys kept repeating. Another key started ghosting after a few months. I tried to replace it but then after a switch broke (the above con) I am done.
    Unfortunately this experience has turned me off completely from kbparadise and Matias switches.

  • Just got it today, I ordered it with the Kailh Box White switches. Everything out of the box works great and the manual that came with it is a good add to it and easy to understand. The biggest issue that I have with the keyboard is the stabilizers, I will desolder the corresponding switches and replace the stabs with a set of cherry plate stabs. Also one last thing that I would like to point out to anyone going to buy a Kailh box switch with these is to know that they're from before that stem of the switch was retooled so they can warp your keycap potentially to the point of damaging them. So overall this is my first 60% and I love it so far, not a "clicky" switch type of person but I'm loving these switches, so I would definitely recommend this board to anyone in the market, especially since you can get matias switches. But yeah a great keyboard so far, with the only real downside being the stabs and the older box switches.

  • Very nice keyboard, would totally recommend.
    I changed the keycaps for some tai hao and there amazing.

  • First 60% I've purchased, and don't typically mess with the layers so keep this in mind I tried it in Kailh White, Kailh Thick Jade, and Kailh Pale Blue to see which I liked most. The keycaps and board feel great. I love the sound of all 3 switches on this board. I am leaving 5 star because of how fun the board was despite this one issue.

    Only complaint(aside from not having a 65% version of this board). My Pale Blue switch board was perfect. My White switch board and Thick Jade boards, however, both had bum spacebar stabilizers. The Pale Blue spacebar was identical to the other keys, whereas the other two boards had a rattling-type sound when bottoming out.

    I reseated the keycap and tested the switch, but that one key just sounded awful on both boards. I tried wobbling the corners and at least one side on each board wobbled and was audibly not secure. The Pale Blue board as well as my ducky boards it made no noise or excessive wobbling.

  • I've ordered two of these. One worked fine. The other started to have keyboard skipping issues - pressing the spacebar once might result in repeats of 2-3 times. It's a consistent issue and so bad I eventually had to trash the board.

  • I just got this keyboard and it is a very nice keyboard. The balance on it is very good and it doesn't wobble at all. I got it with brown switches and the keys feel very nice. Everything about the keyboard is very good except that is doesn't have an escape key, so that I have to press (FN `) which is not a very big issue. Would recommend this keyboard because it is very good and super nice quality for the price.

  • This is a brief review of the KBP V60 with Fukka (Fuhua) white simplified Alps-type switches. KBP is to be congratulated for producing keyboards with a wide selection of switch types, thus breaking the monotony of Cherry mx and clones. The Fukka white switches have pronounced tactility, with the tactile event occurring near the top of the displacement. They are also very loud. Typing on this keyboard is reminiscent of typing on a V60 with Matias Click switches. Although I prefer vintage Alps switches, the Fukka and Matias offerings from KBP give keyboard enthusiasts the opportunity to have an Alps-like typing experience in a compact keyboard with brand new switches. The board has a selection of DIP switches for modifying the layout to some extent, but I would urge KBP to make all of their keyboards %u201CType R%u201D, which provides complete programmability of all of the keys. I would also like to see no LEDs as an option on all of their keyboards %u2013 although backlighting could be useful, %u201Cunderglow%u201D is not something I need or want. Fortunately, the V60 Fukka model has only a single LED %u2013 the Caps Lock indicator light. The two-tone color scheme lends a retro look to this keyboard, but the legends on the keycaps are too small. In addition, the caps fit too snugly to the switch stems, making them difficult to remove. Stabilized keys use wire Costar-type stabilizers, which provides excellent stabilization without any mushiness. Overall, I give this keyboard 4 out of 5 stars.

  • This is a brief review of the KBP V60 with Fukka (Fuhua) White Alps-type switches. My favorite form factor in a keyboard is 60%, and my favorite layout is HHKB. I can achieve the layout with the V60 by using a Hasu USB-USB converter. Fortunately, the Right Ctrl key can be remapped to serve as my Fn key. I generally prefer tactile/clicky switches, and the Fukka White switches in this keyboard certainly provide ample servings of both. These switches are quite loud, and they are rich in tactile feedback as well -- similar in sound and feel to Matias Click switches. The two-tone keycap scheme provides a retro look, but I find the legends too small. In addition, the caps are extremely tight-fitting, making them difficult to remove. KBP is to be congratulated for producing keyboards with Alps-type switches, which is a welcome change from the monotony of Cherry mx. I would like to see them produce completely programmable models (Type R) with Matias, Fukka, and Datacomp Alps switches, but without LEDs. Currently, through Mechanicalkeyboards.com, they offer Type R boards with Matias switches, but thus far, these are the "Polestar" model, which has "underglow" LEDs that I neither want nor need. 4 stars for now; could be 5 stars if KBP were to step up with my wished-for features.

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