116 Key PBT Double Shot Keycap Set - Dark Blood (Tai-Hao)

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Tai-Hao116 Key PBT Double Shot Keycap Set - Dark Blood
  • PBT Double Shot keycap set
  • 116 keys
  • Cherry MX stem compatible
  • OEM profile
  • **Keycaps Only** Keyboard not included

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  • I LOVE these caps. They feel amazing, and look really sharp with my black/red das keyboard. One of the reasons to get PBT is to get away from shiny/slimy. These are textured really nicely, in fact I wouldn't even mind if they were a little rougher!

  • this keycap set looks great and is at a perfect price point. unfortunately when i built my keyboard i had a problem with a sticky space bar. i chalked it up to having a switch that was improperly lubricated and went on with my life dealing with it. eventually i got fed up with it sticking all the time and purchased everything necessary to lube up the switch. after the process, i discovered that it wasnt the switch at all that was causing the key to stick but the fact that the stem on the spacebar of the keyboard is bent and therefore doesnt line up properly. this is rather unfortunate because i like the way the keyboard looks and dont want to have to purchase a whole new set just to replace the spacebar. i am wondering now if i could even get a new spacebar because it took me so long to figure out what the root of the issue was

  • As you might be wondering from the picture, these are definitely not a blood red. They're borderline pink.
    These keycaps fit a slight bit tighter than the Votex PBT I bought, and they are slightly more textured. Where the Vortex felt like the original texture on my ABS WASD/Code keycaps, the Tai Hao's are rougher-- I like it rougher.
    Packaging was disturbed slightly during shipment, but the boxing is handy for someone quickly switching to a qwerty layout, and the profile is just fine. They should skip the plastic keycap puller, and leave the Wire one as it's the only one anyone should ever use. Bin Laden used a plastic one, and look what kind of person he was.
    Hypersphere is right, the legends look slightly "better" but that's up to the font you like, and keen your eyes are. I expect these to last longest as they are doubleshot, not lasered, but only time will tell.
    Relabel these as a stawberry red or something, and they'd be just fine.

  • Because the legends looked better than the ones on Vortex double-shot PBT sets, I tried the Tai-Hao caps. They look okay, but I do not like the feel of the caps at all. They do not feel like any of my other PBT caps. I think that the issue is the antibacterial coating. I would urge Tai-Hao to abandon use of an antibacterial coating on their keycaps.

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